EZBio®pure Flask Assembly, 500mL, 38-430 mm Cap, PolyCarbonate (PC) Fl – Foxx Life Sciences

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EZBio®pure Flask Assembly, 500mL, 38-430 mm Cap, PolyCarbonate (PC) Flat Base Flask, 8/CS

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EZBio®pure Flask Assembly, 500mL, 38-430 mm Cap, PolyCarbonate (PC) Flat Base Flask, 8/CS

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38-430 mm Cap, PolyCarbonate (PC) Flat Base Flask, 8/CS

Foxx Life Sciences' latest innovation - the EZBio® Single Use Sterile Erlenmeyer Flask Assembly complete with TPE Tubing and Vent Filter - is designed for fluid transfer and storage. Available in two options: polycarbonate (PC) flask Assemblies or Cap assembly (No Flask), all Assemblies are made with USP Class VI components and are Gamma Irradiated in the United States, ensuring optimal sterility and quality.  

The EZBio® Made To Order "MTO" Flask Assemblies provide a customized selection of individual components to suit your specific project needs. With EZBio® "MTO" Flask Assemblies, customers can choose the volume of the bottle, the type and brand of male or female connectors, as well as the brand of TPE tubing, providing flexibility and versatility. 

Our patented VersaCap® technology eliminates the hassle of tangled tubing and includes 2 molded hose Barbs for easy use. The Foxx Life Science Erlenmeyer Shaker Flasks are a cost-effective alternative to expensive stainless-steel apparatuses that require extensive cleaning and validation.  

 EZBio® Single Use Sterile Erlenmeyer Flask Assembly are molded from virgin, optically clear, non-leaching polycarbonate resin that maintains clarity after gamma sterilization and complies with the stringent FDA and USP requirements. Certified as non-pyrogenic and DNase/RNase-free, our flasks are perfect for a wide range of applications, including cell cultures, microbial cultures, plants, media preparation, storage, and more. Choose between a flat or baffled base for increased oxygenation and mixing for aerobic culture lines.  

Experience the convenience and quality of Foxx Life Sciences' EZBio® Single Use PC Sterile Flask Assembly with Tubing and Vent Filters and Erlenmeyer Shaker Flasks, the ultimate solution for your fluid transfer and storage needs. 

Foxx Life Sciences also offers custom components, Flaks assemblies, and specific variations needed for existing or future projects.  The MTO Single Use Lines enable rapid turn-around delivery. For more information, please contact us at sales@foxxlifesciences.com or by phone at 1-603-890-3699. 

         Made in the USA

  • Ideal for single-use applications replacing expensive stainless-steel equipment requiring costly cleaning and validation. 
  • Manufactured using materials that comply with USP Class VI standards. 
  • Produced in a cleanroom that meets ISO Class 7 standards. 
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485 standards. 
  • Each flask is double bagged to ensure sterility. 
  • The clear bottle and raised graduation markings offer excellent visibility. 
  • Available in different sizes and configurations, including baffled and flat base options with volumes of 250mL, 125ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 2000mL. 
  • The sterility of each flask is tested to SAL 10-6. 
  • Both the flask and VersaCap® are autoclavable. 
  • The flask has a shelf life of 3 years 

         Made in the USA

  • Manufacturer: Foxx Life Sciences
  • Brand: EZBio®
  • Flask Material: PC
  • Color: Clear
  • Tube Material: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
  • Sterility: Sterile
  • Cap Type: 38-430mm Verscap®
  • Connector Outlet: 0.22  µm PTFE Vent Filter
  • Capacity: 500mL (33.81oz)
  • Flask Diameter: 5.43in (138mm)
  • Flask Height: 8.07in (205mm)
  • Quantity: 10/CS
  • Made in: USA

         Made in the USA

  • Cell culture incubation 
  • Seed flask inoculation 
  • Bioreactor fed-batch / additions 
  • Media and buffer transfer 
  • Bioprocessing Product sampling 
  • Bioprocessing supplement injection 
  • Product storage 
  • Filtration and purification process connection 
  • Cell harvesting 

         Made in the USA

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